About Us


There is something undeniably sassy, sweet, and slightly sexy when you embrace your inner domestic diva.  Here at Carli’s Closet we have been preserving family values through handcrafted aprons and embroidery since 2010 and it’s been a blast. 


We, Carli and Tammy, are the ladies behind the company and we specialize in creating aprons, accessories and clothing for men, women, and children.  Our company goal is to empower women in their home, encourage our daughters to learn the fine arts of homemaking, and entice men and boys to learn a few tricks in the kitchen as well.  Each of our aprons are handmade in the great state of Texas by us and feature styles ranging from shabby chic to gypsy junk to nostalgic whimsy.  Each of our aprons also feature a long waist tie so you can tie a beautiful bow in the front or back.  With a variety of fun sayings, vintage inspirations, and the option to personalize your apron with a monogram or a name we are able to offer everyone in the family something that suits their style.


We have worked tirelessly to design aprons that are flattering for every woman.  We know there is a certain magic women possess when they whip up a favorite meal, finish the final chore of the day, and celebrate memories with our families. We know that sitting down to a home cooked meal as a family strengthens the entire family.  We want you to feel confident, strong, and revel in your femininity when you tie on one of our aprons and make those meals.  Go ahead and check out our shop and see if you can find a perfect flirty little apron just for you.


Carli & Tammy